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Training Hard

I’ve been away from blogging for quit some time. I’ve had a lot going on especially since I have a full-time job, which I’m extremely thankful for, college started back up, and then I fit in training!

Training is intense. I live, eat, and sleep marathon training.

What I’ve done differently this time around:

1. I hired a personal trainer. Is it a LOT of money? Yes but, totally worth every penny! Weightlifting has improved my running significantly.

2. I have been careful not to over train. I have run two marathons with injuries and it wasn’t fun.

3. I have decided to run my first out-of-state marathon. I need a change of scenery and a different course.

4. I have kept my eating clean; for the most part. There are slip-ups here and there but hey, what can I say! I like cupcakes!

5. I’ve been better about staying out of my head. Of course downloading new tunes has helped :D

6. I’ve decided on a 4:30:00 goal. I’ve also decided to embrace whatever may happen on race day. ANYTHING can happen race day!

I’m looking forward to this race. I’m anxious and excited. This time I don’t feel burnt out and I don’t have any injuries. What is a race like without injuries?! I don’t know really, so yes…I’m definitely looking forward to a new course and a new scene!

Happy Running!




  • I know I said I would post today about last week but I just don't have enough time. Turns out I have to rush home after my workout to bake cookies, which will be posted, for a family dinner tonight. I had forgotten about it... Anywho...I will be posting tomorrow in between working out, reading, homework, cleaning, and cooking. Happy Friday!
  • Yesterdays workout was hard for me. I was really sore from Sundays workout. I charged on and didn't stop until I hit 3 miles. It. Felt. Like. Forever. I don't know what it is about the last mile of any mileage you do but it DRAGS on. It doesn't matter if it's 3 or 20 it never seems to end! I ran the 3 miles and then a nice ab routine that even I was impressed with. I did 100 crunches, 40 side bends with a 25 pound weight, 50 knee ups, and finally back hyperextension. It's not as bad as it sounds. I then made my way to the sauna which was packed like a can of sardines. Sheesh! You have to be comfortable with a hot room full of sweaty bods if you want to sit in there. I could care less as long as I get my sauna time. Today I'm still a bit sore but I am going to shoot for upping the mileage and maybe some weights or nab some floor space and do my own little routine. I'm ready for Day 8 of 30 Day Workout Challenge!  
  • This was my last week with the 90 day challenge I decided to try. The idea was to bring my lunch and not buy a single piece of clothing for 90 days. I wanted to see if I could do it. I also wanted to see how much money I would save. I broke the challenge when I bought an outfit for 'G's' management party. I did not last very long in that portion of the challenge. I did however, manage to not buy my lunch for 90 days. I did save money and I paid off a hospital bill in two installments. What did I learn? That it was, indeed, a challenge. That 90 days was probably a bit ambitious for me. It's possible as long as you prepare ahead of time and, in the case of the outfit, you don't make excuses. I helped the environment by not creating more pollution and waste. I was more organized in preparing my meals. I was more aware of what I was putting in my mouth. I will keep trying new things through 'challenges'; shorter challenges, and do a better job documenting the entire process, i.e. remembering to have my camera on me in order to SHOW my progress as well as write about it.  
  • I am in the final stretch! Just two weeks to go :D One thing about being sick is my loss of an appetite and the fact that I have gone home early the past two days, so no preparation needed. However, today I'm at work for the entire day. I prepared by bringing a salad and a lot fruit. I still don't have much of an appetite so it made it easy this morning after rolling out of bed with a headache, stuffy nose, and now the morning cough. I have learned to be even more organized than usual. Although, I still have trouble finding my glasses every morning. I should put a tracking device on them. I like preparing my food and I like knowing that there isn't going to be an ingredient that's going to cause an allergic reaction. I would say that, that's probably the best thing I like about bringing my lunch. I have to be so careful looking at everything that it's just easier if I prepare it myself and enjoy it at lunch.
  • Still on track! I have 2.5 more weeks and then I can have a cheeseless pizza from Round Table. I like Round Table pizza too much. I must say that going through this challenge I have a better appreciation for those who ALWAYS bring their lunches to work or school. I think eating out should be a treat not a way of life.  When I was growing up we maybe, MAYBE ate out or ordered pickup 5 times a year. We rarely got to have soda, and when we did we treated it like it was gold. It drove my mother crazy to watch us be so overly dramatic about drinking a can of soda.  When I played sports I ate out a lot more but only when we traveled to another school for a game or weekend tournaments. It was just easier. One year, I actually got so sick of eating out during a basketball season that I started packing my dinners. If I felt like it wasn't going to be enough I bought extra from the cafeteria to supplement my dinner. It wasn't always the healthiest of choices, but when you're a 5'11" 118 pound teen, anything to fatten you up is a good thing. I burned more calories than I could keep up with so, that extra cookie wasn't only a treat it was much-needed calories. I will be bringing my lunch to work a lot more after this challenge. I do like eating healthier, not creating extra waste and pollution, and the general satisfaction that I did myself and my environment a good thing by brown bagging it.
  • I apologize for not being a good blogger. I have been sick the past week and a half. I have plenty to share with you all. I understand that asking for your patience is probably too much to ask right now, but if you could please be patient. I will be posting very soon about: My 90 Day Food Challenge Cleaning for Thanksgiving Thanksgiving  Working out The possibility of only doing one race next year. Being Sick and not working out My thoughts on 'New Years Resolutions' Reflection on 2011 Thank you for your patience :)
  • I may have failed part of my challenge, not buying a single piece of clothing, but I have managed to stick with brown bagging thus far. I have managed to bring my lunch, not buy it, for 52 days now. It's a lot easier than it was in the beginning. I enjoy making my meals ahead of time and knowing what I am going to eat. Even if it's rice and beans with a salad most days.
  • The challenge is going great! I did have an exception last Friday. Exceptions are allowed, right? A good friend of mine came into town for her friends wedding and she asked me to lunch. She used to be my RTP (Round Table Pizza) buddy when she lived here in town. I love pizza. I never get tired of pizza. Good thing I'm a runner! This week is going well. I'm enjoying the benefits of saving money each week, even with the few hiccups I had. I'm hoping to pay down a hospital bill. Insurance didn't cover the full visit and I ended up with a $378 bill. Eek! Today for lunch I'm having salad and left-overs. I love left-overs! I made an eggplant and zucchini layer dish last night with a bean paste. It actually turn out okay for it being my first time making it. I'm going to tweak the recipe and get it just right before posting my version.

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